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SUU Coaching Staff
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All of the SUU Staff will coach at the camp, along with some of the top club & college coaches around who attend as visiting coaches. Several current & former SUU Gymnasts serve as camp counselors. We also staff a full time athletic trainer on site and a camp nurse while training. Safety certified coaches help campers meet their goals to attain new skills in a safe, world class facility.

  1. Gym Attire: Grips, Wristies, Tape, etc. in a bag (labeled)

  2. Extra Leotards (they may get wet outside) &/or Swimsuit

  3. Sunscreen

  4. Flip Flops & Tenni-shoes (intended to be worn & brought daily)

  5. Personal Hygiene Items (including deodorant)

  6. Sleeping favorites (i.e. blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal of choice). Main bedding, such as pillow & sheets are provided by SUU Housing.

  7. Towel & Wash Rag

  8. Waterbottle & Snacks (if desired)

  9. Labeled Luggage & Spending Money for the Setup of Camp Accounts

  10. Social media devices such as ipods, shuffles, dvd's, or gaming devices are allowed, but not recommended. Although the risk is low, these items, including loose cash, can get misplaced, lost, or stolen and SUU Gymnastics Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. This also encourages more interaction and leadership creativity between roommates and SUU camp chaperones. 



Vaulting into loose foam pit.  Tumble trak and in-ground Aussie bed Tramp



​2 sets of complete uneven parallel bars, plus a channel bar, and a bar over loose foam pit.



​5 high beams, 2 low beams, &  loose foam dismount area!



​40' x 40' floor with tumbling into resi  & loose foam pit!  Rod floor tumbling into loose foam

In addition to the main events, we have an extra station for in-ground trampoline, and tumble-track training. We also provide instant video replay feedback through our gym cameras so girls can learn through all their senses: auditorily, kinesthetically, and visually. We provide spotting harnesses, sting mats, 8" mats, 4" mats, and many other training tools and equipment.  The gym is surrounded with 4 walls of new safety glass and views of Cedar Mountain, Harris Center Gardens, and the Eccles Colliseum Football Stadium.  The banners of SUU Gymnastics' accomplishments hang on the inside, including 13 academic National championships, which reminds campers of their potential in athletics and in the classroom.

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